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Points of interest - You shouldn't miss that!

  • Hotel Villa Pamphili - event venue

  • Colosseum - largest amphitheater built during the Roman Empire

  • Spanish Steps - one of the great masterpieces of Baroque urban design, Rome’s most iconic staircase has been a meeting place for artists and poets, lovers and layabouts for nearly three centuries.

  • Trevi Fountain - the most beautiful fountain in Rome.

  • Pantheon - a temple so well preserved that it appears as the Romans must have seen it in their times.

  • Piazza Navona - Rome’s most famous square is a gorgeous baroque gem, lined with cafes and restaurants.

  • St. Peter's Church & Vatican City - St. Peter’s Basilica is one of the holiest temples for Christendom and one of the largest churches in the world. The Vatican City is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and is the smallest country in the world.

  • Campo di Fiori - during the day, the piazza is home to one of Rome’s many food markets. In the evenings, it transforms, attracting tourists and locals for its restaurants and bars. It's a lively hub for socializing and shopping.

City Tours

If you like to discover more from the Eternal City, we are happy to organize a guided city tour for you! Please contact us at


  • Public transportation - Tickets for public transport can be purchased at the local tobacco stores "Tabacchi". Cost: 1.50 € per person. The tickets are composite tickets for buses, streetcars and subway (metro), valid for 75 min in each direction, changing is possible. It is not possible to buy tickets directly in the buses, streetcars and subways.

  • Private transfer - if you need a private transfer in the city center or from the airport to your hotel, please contact us at

Restaurants & Bar Tips

Restaurants near the venue

  • Convivio Ampelo
    An urban living room near Villa Pamphili. Elegant yet cosy place that makes you feel at ease. Contemporary cuisine & excellent wine labels stored in a historic cellar from the early 20th century.
    Adress: Via Aurelia Antica, 372, 00165 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 5153 0654
    Fascia di prezzo: €€€€

  • Trattoria da Cesare al Casaletto
    Cesare al Casaletto is a casual neighborhood trattoria with a large dining room and pergola-shaded outdoor terrace. A trattoria specializing in Roman cuisine aces the classics, but whatever you do, don't overlook the terrific pizzas.
    Address: Via del Casaletto, 45, 00151 Roma RM.

    Phone: +39 06 536015

    Price range: €€

  • Bolina 157
    Seafood restaurant with Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Excellent fish dishes & here you can taste delicious semifreddo and millefeuille. It is a pleasant place with a cool atmosphere.

    Address: Via del Casaletto, 157, 00151 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 34 194 8920
    Price range: €€€

​Restaurants in Rome

  • Trattoria Da Enzo al 29
    Roman Cuisine Restaurant - Authentic, bright, no-frills and one of the best traditional Roman restaurants. A dining experience at da Enzo is as close to a home-cooked meal from "grandma's" kitchen as you're likely to find anywhere else in Trastevere.
    Address: Via dei Vascellari, 29, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 581 2260

    Price range: €€

  • Seu Pizza Illuminati
    Pizzeria - One of the most praised pizzerias in Rome and the ultimate heaven for pizza lovers.
    Address: Via Angelo Bargoni, 10 - 18, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 588 3384
    Price range: €€

  • Miraggio Ristorante Pizzeria
    Roman cuisine restaurant - Simple, cozy, rustic place serving delicious pasta classics Amatriciana & Carbonara among others.
    Address: Via della Lungara, 16A, 00165 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 687 5319
    Price range: €€

  • Checco Er Carettiere
    Roman Cuisine Restaurant - Since 1900, this rustic tavern has been pampering its guests to typical Roman dishes.
    Address: Via Benedetta, 10, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 581 7018
    Price range: €€

  • Taverna Trilussa Trastevere
    Roman Cuisine Restaurant - Taverna Trilussa is located in a small piazza in the middle of Trastevere. Since 1910, this elegant restaurant has been serving excellent Roman classic dishes.
    Address: Via del Politeama, 23/25, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 581 8918
    Price range: €€€

  • Ristorante Grano
    Mediterranean Restaurant - Small but very fine restaurant in the heart of Rome with a beautiful outdoor terrace. The dishes appeal to the palate & heart, evoking the south of Italy, the sun and the sea.
    Address: Piazza Rondanini, 53, 00186 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 6819 2096
    Price range: €€

  • Pierluigi
    Seafood Restaurant - Elegant restaurant and a top address for excellent food. The tables in one of the most beautiful and smallest piazzas in Rome make dinner an extraordinary moment.
    Address: Piazza de' Ricci, 144, 00186 Roma RM
    Phone: +39 06 686 8717
    Price range: €€€€

  • Ristorante Da Fortunato al Pantheon
    Italian Restaurant - A long-established Roman restaurant right in the heart of Rome, just a stone's throw from the Pantheon. Serving local dishes of the highest standard, it is also popular with many famous faces from politics and international high society.
    Address: Via del Pantheon, 55, 00186 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 679 2788
    Price range: €€

  • Casa Bleve
    Italian Restaurant - Casa Bleve was perhaps the first place in Rome to combine wine culture and food sophistication. The historic wine cellar is known as one of the best in the city and was built into a Roman wall from the Augustan period.
    Address: Palazzo Lante, Via del Teatro Valle, 48-49, 00186 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 686 5970
    Price range: €€

Bars in Rome

  • Coffee Pot Trastevere
    Hip, stylish & great music, great drinks from an extensive cocktail menu.

Address: Via del Politeama, 12, 00153 Roma RM.
Phone: +39 347 282 0618
Price range: €€

  • Ristorante Bar del Fico
    Alternative & cool - this is where all the Romans go for a cocktail or just to show off and be seen.
    Address: Piazza del Fico, 26, 00186 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 6889 1373
    Price range: €€

  • Bar San Calisto
    Cult, no-frills bar - there's always something to look at here, because you meet everything the Roman scene has to offer: from penniless students, to iconic artists, to simple pensioners - all open & eager to talk.
    Address: Piazza di S. Calisto, 3, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 583 5869
    Price range: €

  • Freni e Frizoni
    Cool & typically Italian - the aperitivo buffet is well known among locals and there are originally prepared cocktails.
    Address: Via del Politeama, 4, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 4549 7499
    Price range: €€

  • Enoteca Ferrara
    A wide selection of wines as well as an excellent selection of beers - the perfect place to try a good drop accompanied by a range of delicious appetizers.
    Address: Piazza Trilussa, 41, 00153 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 5833 3920
    Price range: €€€

  • The Sanctuary
    A magical place, an enchanted park with tropical restaurant/bar - It's a unique concept that is exotic, sexy & cool and there is no other like it in Rome.
    Address: Via delle Terme di Traiano, 4A, 00184 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 8379 6820
    Price range: €€

  • Hey Güey @ Chapter Roma Hotel
    Chapter Hey Guei Hotel's terrace revolutionizes the Roman landscape with accessible and contemporary luxury dedicated to Mexico. Combining street art, healthy food, mixology and gastronomic excellence, the terrace feels like a mini vacation in South America.
    Address: Via di S. Maria de' Calderari, 47, 00186 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 06 8993 5351

  • Terrazza Borromini
    This view will make your jaw drop, we promise! You can enjoy delicious cocktails or a glass of wine with a unique panoramic view on this magnificent rooftop terrace, located between the bell tower and the dome of the historic church of Sant'Agnese in the central Piazza Navona. Be sure to make a reservation in advance!
    Address: Via di Santa Maria dell'Anima, 30, 00186 Roma RM.
    Phone: +39 391 311 4523

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